Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?

This Windows PC app provides a much-needed service which is sadly missing from the Windows operating system. It requires no installation and no administrator permissions to run.

Just run the app on your Windows machine and keep pressing the enter key to receive information regarding your position in the computer’s camera.

It’s incredibly useful to know if you’re visually centered in your camera for the use of the Zoom conference platform, Microsoft Teams, Skype or other video calls.

Keyboard Commands

Enter Key, announces if your face can be seen.
D Key,
Y Key, announces percentages on a x, y grid.
Escape Key, exits the program.

Want to watch a demo?

Watch a demo of Can-You-See-Me app on a Windows machine.

Still Interested? Want to Download it?

Visit Can-You-See-Me on the web and download it to your Windows computer.

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