Key Loggers

Do you know what a KeyLogger program is? Did you know that this is how cyber criminals have compromised many computers around the world? Learn all about Key Logger programs!

Amazon for Elders

Heard of Amazon Together? This subscription service allows you to stay close to those who are elders and stay in communication all the time.

JAWS for Beginners

Are you a new JAWS (Job Access with Speech for Windows) user? Have you often wondered when is the right time to use the Tab key instead of the arrow keys? Check out this awesome audio recording by Freedom Scientific Training Listen and learn to best time to use the arrow or tab key.

Apple IOS Legacy Contacts

Are you interested in how to ad a Legacy contact in IOS 15.2? Learn how to create a legacy contact in Apple IOS 15.

Educational Opportunity

World Services for the Blind is offering in January 2022 a course for someone to become a #CATIS Certified Assistive Technology Instruction Specialist. if you are interested navigate to the site listed at World Services for the Blind CATIS Course.

Accessibility for all, reality or myth?

Is it impossible to make things accessible for all? No, actually it is not. If you have someone say “I wish I had the tools to make things accessible on my site,” look no further. Share and empower everyone. Learn about quick Accessibility tools.

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