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I am a reader of many things to further my education and knowledge for others who are blind and visually impaired. One such resource is from David goldfield. David maintains an email list for and about all things related to technology for the visually impaired. if you would like to subscribe to this email list… Continue reading Excellent Resource

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International Association for Accessibility Professionals

IAAP The International Association for Accessibility Professionals provides a wide variety of opportunities for those who work toward the accessibility for all. Visit IAAP on the web! IAAP Professional Certifications Review the list of professional certifications offered through IAAP.

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Key Loggers

Do you know what a KeyLogger program is? Did you know that this is how cyber criminals have compromised many computers around the world? Learn all about Key Logger programs!

Amazon for Elders

Heard of Amazon Together? This subscription service allows you to stay close to those who are elders and stay in communication all the time.

JAWS for Beginners

Are you a new JAWS (Job Access with Speech for Windows) user? Have you often wondered when is the right time to use the Tab key instead of the arrow keys? Check out this awesome audio recording by Freedom Scientific Training Listen and learn to best time to use the arrow or tab key.

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