16 Google Search Features You Should Be Using

Google’s Search function isn’t limited to just finding websites. You can use the same search box to perform calculations, find flight information, and even tune your guitar. Here are a few less-known features of Google Search that you should be using.

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Perform Basic or Advanced Calculations

Google Search can be used to perform both basic and complex calculations. This eliminates the need to use the calculator app on your phone or desktop.

To use it, simply head to Google.com, enter your formula in the search box, and hit Enter.

For example, if you’re paying for a meal and need to quickly calculate a tip, you can find a percentage of any amount with something like the following:

20% of 39.57

Replace the percentage with the rate at which you want to tip and the number with the price on your receipt, and you’ll know what to tip. You can even skip finding the tip and get your subtotal like this:


Google will show you your original amount with 20% added on top of it.


Get Word Definitions

Google Search can act as a dictionary, allowing you to find the definition for any word you enter. It displays the various meanings of your word as well as how to use that word in a sentence.

You can use it by entering the following in the search box. Here, replace “Alacrity” with the word you want to find the definition of.

define Alacrity

Find Nearby Places

Are you in a new city or town and want to find something, say a cafe, nearby? If so, use Google’s local search to find relevant listings near your location.

For example, to find all vegan cafes around you, type the following on Google Search:

vegan cafes near me

It’ll use your device’s current location to suggest you places. You can use this method to find public restrooms, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, and more.


Find Specific File Types

If you’re looking for something that’s in a specific file format, say a sample resume in PDF, you can make use of Google’s file type search to find your specified files.

For example, to retrieve all PDFs that are sample resumes, enter the following on Google:

Sample resume filetype:pdf

Here, feel free to replace “pdf” with any file format you’re looking for.


Track Deliveries

Many parcel delivery companies, including UPS, USPS, and FedEx let you track your shipments right from Google’s search box. To use this feature, all you have to do is type in your parcel tracking number on Google and you’ll find your shipment’s whereabouts.

Note that your shipment tracking information is provided by your shipping company. For further details, you can always access your shipment company’s site and use your tracking number there.


View Real-Time Stock Prices

Keeping tabs on changing stock prices can be difficult if you don’t have the right tool. Luckily, as long as you have access to Google, you can view the real-time price of your specified stocks.

To use this method, enter your stock’s ticker symbol on Google and it’ll tell you the price. For example, enter the following for the Amazon stock:



Find Flight and Hotel Options

Gone are the days when you had to perform flight and hotel searches on dozens of sites before you could find a suitable option. With Google’s built-in flight and hotel search feature, you can find all your transport and accommodation options right on the search results page.

To find flights flying from Seattle to Chicago, enter the following on Google:

Flights from Seattle to Chicago

Similarly, to find hotel options in Chicago, enter the following:

Hotels in Chicago

You’ll see your flight and hotel availability as well as tariffs right on your search results page.


View Flight Status

Google Search lets you track your flights by simply using your flight number as the tracking number. For example, to find details about Virgin Atlantic’s flight VS 103, all you have to do is enter the following on Google:

VS 103

You’ll see the flight’s departure and arrival times, current location, gate information, and more.


Check the Current Time of Any City

If you personal or professional life requires communication with people living in different time zones, you can use Google Search to quickly find a specific city’s current time.

For example, to know what time it is right now in Las Vegas, type the following on Google Search:

Las Vegas time


Find a Specific Word on a Website

When you want to find a specific term on a website, don’t manually open that site and try to locate that word. Instead, use Google’s exact term query to find any word or number on a website.

For example, to find all instances of the word “Windows 11” on How-To Geek, enter the following query on Google:

“Windows 11” site:howtogeek.com


Find Products in a Specific Price Range

Google makes it super easy to find any product you want, and using the site’s price filter, you can make getting to the exact item you need even easier. This filter lets you find only the products that fall in or around your price range.

For example, if you’re looking for portable chargers in the price range of $50 and $100, you’d enter the following on Google:

portable chargers $50-$100

Your search results will include products that are in or around your specified price range.


Tune Your Guitar

One of Google Search’s features wants to help you with your music production by letting you tune your guitar. On Google, you can enter the following term and access an on-screen tuner letting you set up your guitar.

Google Tuner

You’ll need to allow microphone access so Google can hear your guitar, and you’ll be rocking in no time.


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View Cached Web Pages

Sometimes, a web page won’t open as it’s down or has been removed from its site. In these instances, you can still access the web page by using Google’s cached web content.

For example, to view the cache version of How-To Geek’s home page, you’d enter the following on Google:


Note that since it’ll be a cached version, it won’t necessarily have the updated page information.

Filter Search Results by Date

Google Search allows you to filter your displayed search results by date, letting you find information that has happened in a specific time range.

To use that feature, first, perform your search on Google as you would normally. Then, on the search results page, click “Tools” at the top.

Select the “Any Time” menu and choose your desired time range. Your search results will then be filtered to only show the content that was published in that range.


View Your Public IP Address

Sometimes, you need your device’s public IP address to perform certain network-related tasks. If you aren’t sure how to find that information, or you want to make it easier to view your IP, enter the following on Google:

My IP address

It’ll show you your current public IP address.


Turn on Dark Mode

With nearly all the services getting a dark mode, how can Google Search be left out? You can turn on Google’s dark mode in the settings menu to experience a dark environment for all your searches on this site.

Later, you can turn the mode off if you want to use a light mode.

And those are some of the interesting uses of Google Search that we think you should be using to make your life a bit easier. Happy Googling!


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