World Braille Day

January 4, the birth date of Louis Braille the creator and person whom so many blind people are thankful for.

Humanware states “we celebrate the work of Louis Braille, thanks to whom, even today, thousands of people living with visual impairments around the world can access information and communicate.

Braille is a code that appears in relief, allowing people with vision problems to read by touch. With braille, schools and workplaces can now be even more accessible.

Louis Braille stated after creating braille at the age of 15, “Braille is knowledge and knowledge is power.”

Perkins School for the Blind states it is Louis Braille’s birthday!
At the young age of 15, Louis #Braille developed the tactile reading and writing system that has changed the lives of so many people who are blind or visually impaired.

Let us celebrate a man who invented such a life changing tool for so many.

Happy birthday Louis Braille.

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