31 Social Club

31 Social Club, House Rules

31 Social Club LLC is a private membership club open to adults aged twenty-one and older. Stephen Guerra is the sole owner of the 31 Social Club LLC. This document/agreement is a live document and is subject to change at the discretion of Stephen Guerra.
It is the responsibility of the members to know the club Rules/Regulations and to cooperate with the club’s ownership in the enforcement thereof. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of membership may lead to termination of membership at the sole discretion of the club owner.


The 31 Social Club owner grants to each dues paying member a revocable and non-transferable membership subject to the terms of this Agreement. Membership is a single membership use and should not be shared in any way. With this agreement, current and future members agree to the following terms:
  • Cigar Membership: an individual who pays $75 a month and has 24 – 7 access.
    • Membership Fees

      As of June 1, 2024 the following membership fees will be in effect:
      • Cigar Members:$75 per month

      ***In advance of the June 1, 2024 date, each member who would like to pay in advance their membership for the year, can pay 11 months of membership dues, the last month of the year will be a token of appreciation for the advance payment.

      As of June 1, 2024, payments of membership fees are due no later than the tenth of each month.
      ***Note: If circumstances exist that you cannot meet this date, notification to the club owner should be made in advance of the tenth of each month in person or by phone/text. Membership privileges may be suspended or revoked for non-payment of fees.
      Lockers at the club is a onetime $50 fee. All questions regarding the lockers should be directed to the club owner.

      Revoking of Membership

      The club owner has the right to revoke your membership because of ongoing violations of the house rules found in this document. As a result of the termination of membership, the club owner is not obligated to refund any membership fees previously paid.

      Hours of Operation

      The club is open for operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week based on the individual membership category. The club owner reserves the right to amend this schedule at any time with notice being provided to the club members via email, social media or by text message.

      Private events

      Private events at the club are not being permitted currently. Inquiries regarding a private event must be made to Stephen Guerra at least 24 hours in advance of the event.

      Mobile phones/Tablets/Computers

      Electronic devices are permitted in the club with the following stipulations: Phones should be set to the quietest ring setting or vibration mode. Phone conversations should be kept to as short as possible. At all costs, phone conversations should not be conducted on the speaker phone setting. If needing to take part in a conference call, utilize the front office area so to avoid disruption to other members.


      Each member is permitted to have one (1) guest per month at no cost. If the same guest returns during the same month, a $25 fee must be made to the club owner for that guest, per day.

      Lockers and Storage

      The member agrees not to store any illegal products/items at the club and acknowledges that doing so will be grounds for immediate termination of membership and all membership rights and forfeiture of all rights/claims to a refund of membership fees. This includes bringing any type of weapon or firearm onto club premises. As this this not allowed and may result in a termination of membership. Furthermore, the member hereby agrees to indemnify the club owner for any liability and legal fees incurred by the club because of such illegal storage and/or activity. The club owner reserves the right to access without notice any private locker for the purpose of maintenance, inspection, and/or in the event there is risk of damage to property.

      Cleanliness and Cleaning

      To avoid the potential for agricultural pest infestation (e.g., tobacco beetle) of cigars stored in the Club’s private lockers, all cigars should be inspected by you before being placed in a locker. This is also to avoid having mold spread through the lockers. Please consult the club owner if you feel that any type of unsafe condition exists anywhere in the club.

      Beverages of any kind

      Members are permitted to bring alcoholic beverages to the Club for personal consumption provided the alcoholic beverages are labeled with the Member’s name. The member acknowledges that the ability to consume alcohol in the Club is a privilege and Member (and guest if applicable) will consume such alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. Failing to consistently conduct yourself in such a way as avoiding drunkenness and disruption to other members will be taken under review by the club owner and could lead to the revoking of club membership.

      Club Refrigerator

      The Club’s refrigerator may be used to keep non-alcoholic beverages, mixers, wine, and beer cool, (in reasonable quantities) during the Member’s visit. It is highly encouraged if you want to keep your beverages/food in the club refrigerator, you label it with your name. The club owner has zero tolerance for the consumption of any items which are not yours. If wanting something from the refrigerator, contacting the individual who has items labeled in the refrigerator is recommended. Continuing to disregard other members’ items in the refrigerator and consuming any items that are not yours, could lead to suspension/termination of membership. A monthly inventory and cleaning of the refrigerator will take place. As a favor to the club owner, any member can take on the task of disposing of and cleaning the refrigerator monthly. ***The club owner has zero tolerance for underage consumption of alcoholic beverages; members and their guests must be at least 21 years of age.


      Damage to club furniture/fixtures because of Member carelessness or disregard shall be replaced or repaired at the member who was at fault, expense. The membership is encouraged to report such damage to the club owner.

      Club Entry/Entry Keypad

      The club has a keypad secured entry. A code will be assigned to you, when becoming a member and should not be shared under any circumstance. Using another member’s access code will result in immediate suspension/termination of membership.

      End of Agreement.

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